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Jan 3, 2022

Gary Rogers knows a thing or two about networking. The saying might be overdone but it is true: Your network is your net worth. But, did you know a lot of REALTORS® do networking the wrong way? Instead of trying to spin your wheels, here’s how you can leverage agent-to-agent referrals that create a collaborative relationship with you and your colleagues and not a competitive one. The ripple effects are immense. Gary shares his expert tips in this month’s episode!


[1:30] Gary Rogers is very intentional in networking with the goal of giving and receiving referrals. How do you become a great resource? Gary has some advice for you.

[3:55] Gary shares his overview process for finding agents and why referrals are important to him.

[4:40] He explains further on referrals as a true business source and shares some of his own experiences.

[7:20] How do we meet or find these agents? Gary shares some tips on how to be an agent someone wants to refer.

[11:40] When considering someone for a referral, what kind of criteria do you look for? Gary shares his insights.

[13:21] Taking the time to interview the client, knowing what’s important to them; always works in matching them with the right agent.

[16:15] In rural areas where there are not a lot of agents, what are some of the ways to get good referrals? Gary shares more tips.

[19:50] Getting the right agent with the right expertise comes in handy. It sets the right expectations from both the agent and the client.

[20:55] Gary is currently working on a project for residential agents wanting to move into commercial and shares a sneak peek of what’s in store with that.

[21:35] Referrals don’t need to be from across the country. Gary also talks about how to get great local referral opportunities.

[35:15] Has Gary ever been in a situation where he made a bad fit? What did he do in that situation?

[39:10] Gary talks about how early-career agents should be reaching out to get referrals and why it is very important.

[42:55] How can you market yourself and get your name out there? Gary tells his story of traveling for classes and meeting agents in that way.

[46:10] Making the effort to go to the sources goes a long way in marketing yourself. There’s a two-way street in referrals.

[47:05] Gary shares more tips on how we market ourselves. What should you put on your website to attract your market?

[52:25] Gary also talks about business cards and how we can make use of them more effectively when we network.

[57:30] Sending referrals vs drawing more income. Gary closes the episode sharing his key principles.




“What do we look for when we network or look for an agent? We’re looking for some commonality, either between us or more importantly between the receiving agent and the client.” — Gary


“Even if you’re an introvert, you become an extrovert the minute you put your REALTOR® hat on.” — Gary


“If you really do think how we’re supposed to help each other, what better way than drive referrals back and forth.” — Gary


“Focusing on sending out referrals pays off quicker and is more sure because you have a trusted audience.” — Gary


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Gary Rogers has been a REALTOR® for over 30 years. During that time, he has served in various roles in the association, including State President, NAR RVP, and NAR Director. In 2018, he chaired the Meeting and Conference Committee. He is currently serving as a Director of the REALTOR® Relief Foundation, 2021 NAR Director, and will be the Chair of the 2022 NAR Leadership Academy. He was the 2005 REALTOR® of the Year for his state and has been awarded Distinguished Service awards by both his local board, GBAR, as well as the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®. Gary is the broker-owner of RE/MAX On The Charles in Waltham Massachusetts