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Sep 20, 2023

Do you want to know about AI, and specifically, ChatGPT? Alex is here to tell you all about it! Alex is a true tech person with a teacher’s heart. He will explain some of the inner workings of Natural Language Programming, which is what ChatGPT is: language. There are layers to this, and more changes are coming; changes that will make using ChatGPT even easier. So, let’s get some tips and some education from Alex Camelio!

[2:36] Alex looks for technologies that change the way we do business. For example, the Snapchat and Reels trend of holding your phone upright to watch video was a small, fundamental change to video.

[4:31] When Alex sees fundamental changes in people adapting and working differently, that’s when he starts thinking there’s a revolution or a trend that’s sticking around. He sees that with AI. 

[6:10] In a few months, Alex will be at NAR for two sessions involving AI. He discusses the sessions. 

[7:49] AI has limitations; it tends to lie or “hallucinate” when it lacks information to draw from! If you don’t give it good instructions and directions, it makes up something. 

[10:40] Alex Camelio is the CEO of Agent Inner Circle (AIC),, a free community of about 40,000 agents. AIC publishes free content and articles to help agents in marketing and business practices.

[11:06] Alex had taught himself to code and has been coding since he was 10 or 11. About 15 years ago, he started a tech company, Barcode Realty, and sold it to Lone Wolf. 

[13:30] Alex believes that ChatGPT was a publicity stunt by OpenAI. OpenAI has been working on the Large Language Model (LLM) for years. Their mission statement is “Making artificial intelligence available for the world.” 

[18:25] ChatGPT learns over time. The apparent reason for the release of ChatGPT is to gather as much data as possible. It took off as a consumer product but is meant for the AI side of the world more than the consumer product side.

[19:47] Alex shares his thoughts on privacy. We carry an active listening device with us, day and night. If we want to go back to privacy we will need to make major cultural and government steps to protect it. 

[22:18] OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT has an API behind the scenes. An API allows your website and server to connect to ChatGPT and the data, and use the AI through your website instead of through the platform. 

[23:18] An enterprise customer of OpenAI GPT has settings that allow them to change the creativity and other components of how the AI responds. 

[29:25] Alex predicts it will become less complicated to use AI. Alex has been building a tool called ChatGuide that gives access to a lot of these features. 

[35:18] Alex is setting up bots at ChatGuide that are cold-call teaching bots that pretend to be home sellers. You can chat with it and it will give you objections while you try to make a listing appointment. 

[39:01] Think about ChatGPT as if you were bringing on an assistant. You would take time to train the assistant on what you want. 

[45:38] CrystaKnows builds a DiSC profile on someone from social media. It’s a sales tool for agents who want to speak in the personality language of the person they’re talking to.

[52:45] Alex thanks Monica for having him on the show. He leaves you with a bit of philosophy. Will AI take your job?

[57:33] Don’t get too distracted by all the shiny objects, because they’re sure flying around, now! Your clients and friends are still out there, planning their lives, and you’re the one to help them at the perfect time. So, go talk to some folks and sell some properties!


“I always look at technologies that will … change the way we’re doing business in some form. … In the last few years, there were … Snapchat and Instagram Reels. The trend there was vertical video. … Somebody said, ‘We need to hold our phones upright.’” — Alex Camelio

“AI can be very good at writing … but it also has some limitations. … If you just tell it to write something, it will commit Fair Housing violations, or it will make stuff up. … It tends to lie or ‘hallucinate’ … when it has a lack of information to draw from.” — Alex Camelio

“Think about [ChatGPT] like you’re bringing on an assistant. … An assistant shows up on their first day to work for you. Are you going to be able to say, ‘Write me a property description,’ and then expect a perfect property description … their first try?” — Alex Camelio

“The prompt to make a good property description is probably going to be anywhere from two to four times the length of the property description. … Think about it like you’re training an assistant. … A brand new assistant comes into your office; they have no idea.” — Alex Camelio

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Guest Bio

Alex Camelio
Throughout his career, Alex Camelio has personally helped over 15,000 Agents and Brokers, including some of the Top REALTORS® in North America. His passion for marketing, technology, and business development has translated into more than a decade of cutting-edge contributions to the real estate industry.

As the CEO of Agent Inner Circle®, a 40,000-member real estate agent community, Alex focuses on providing agents with education and actionable strategies to grow and optimize their business, ultimately building some of the most successful careers in real estate today. Alex is an internationally recognized educator who’s shared his thoughtful and energetic presentations with various National Associations and industry organizations.

Prior to AIC, Alex was the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Realty, a company focused on bringing cutting-edge mobile technology to the real estate industry, which he later sold to Lone Wolf Technologies