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Oct 3, 2023

Today we are talking about a topic that we all need to pay attention to. Many of us don’t like this part of our business. Our guest, Holly Mabery, is going to break it down to a simple plan for us to follow. What’s the topic? Marketing! Holly brings this huge concept to a manageable part of your business. She is also one of the subject matter experts for NAR’s Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation course. Let’s join Holly for some great information on marketing and a few laughs about this potentially overwhelming topic!

[3:38] The most successful agents are the ones who show up with value and substance to their clients. That’s the key to building your business. 

[4:00] Before selling a house, you have to figure out how to market yourself to get listings, how to market the listings, and then how to re-sell the house each time the buyer goes back to it. Clients will come to you because of how you show up and the consistency with which you show up.

[9:17] Holly coaches new agents to know the purchase contract better than anybody in the market. 

[12:33] Holly discusses three things to help with marketing. 

[22:02] If you spend a dollar, you should back that up in free ROI tenfold. If you can’t do that, don’t spend that dollar.

[24:08] Every time you earn a designation, like the Accredited Buyer Representative, put that certificate on LinkedIn and promote yourself. Every time you do an educational video put it on LinkedIn.

[24:55] Your phone is your second biggest tool, after your resume. Start using your phone! 

[26:54] Do a quarterly e-newsletter with a calendar. Spotlight a specific business. Include one real estate stat. 

[29:35] Google will let you send out 500 emails daily. Use MLS drip campaigns for targeted marketing. Look for opportunities to help people.

[35:01] Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of platforms. Pick one to start and focus on using it for 30 days. 

[36:36] If you can explain to your buyer or seller the ways they can get out of a contract, that builds trust.

[37:57] Ask for reviews. Ask people who loved you to talk about it. Rate My Agent is a great tool to use. 

[43:47] Your value proposition is to earn the trust of your client and take care of their needs. Identify what job your client is hiring you to do while you treat everybody equally. 

[53:07] Find your specialty; residential resale or new homes? Find that nuance. Where are you already showing up online? Accentuate that.

[55:35] Always be yourself! Be yourself authentically because people want to work with you. They want to refer you. If you’re anything but yourself, that will take more time, energy, and effort and burn you out faster. So always be yourself and show up in that way.


“When you start to think of marketing, it’s huge, it's nuanced, and it’s layered. My best advice to everybody out there right now is to take a deep breath; inhale and exhale. It’s going to be fine. You can do it. Find your niche and be authentically yourself.” — Holly Mabery

“Show up. One thing at a time. Learn your contract first. Period.” — Holly Mabery

“You are the glue that puts the pieces together. [Your client] has all the pieces. You are the glue that pulls it together and helps them understand how it works.” — Holly Mabery

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Holly Mabery, VP of Operations at eXp Realty
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Guest Bio

Holly Mabery brings a contagious enthusiasm for all things real estate. A full-time REALTOR® since 1998, her passion for our industry led her to serve as the 2012 President of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® and she remains active on state & national committees. Holly is a VP of Brokerage Operations for eXp Realty and a former state-designated broker of Arizona supervising & training over 1800 agents. Holly is the Co-Creator of the Arizona REALTORS® Leadership Training Academy, a strategic planner, industry speaker, and instructor whose goal is to build strong communities with each transaction working with clients, REALTORS®, and associations.