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Oct 4, 2021

Are you a REALTOR® who would consider themselves a leader? The NAR’s Leadership Academy provides leadership training and networking opportunities for all levels. In this episode, Shannon Buss joins Monica to talk about leadership, professionalism, and the benefits of the leadership academies. They discuss how we can lean into leadership and professionalism in the industry, how we lead as real estate agents, and how we can improve leadership skills to benefit our businesses, our client experiences, community position, and industry strength.


[3:35] Why the Leadership Academy is offered at all levels, and what benefit it has for agents in this program.


[7:48] Every single job in NAR is critical to what we do in NAR; every job in the association is just as important.


[9:29] The importance of leaning into the current job or level, and how exposure to new ways of thinking can help you improve yourself and how you live your life.


[12:57] Shannon shares some of what she learned during her time in the Leadership Academy and how it impacted her life, especially outside of real estate.


[15:40] Professionalism is getting somewhere in your career and having fun while doing it.


[17:19] Monica and Shannon talk about what happens on the local level for Leadership Academies.


[21:05] There are many volunteer leadership opportunities in real estate, and they offer several benefits for agents who step into those roles.


[28:30] Shannon shares what agents can do to level up their professionalism in consumers’ eyes.


[32:32] Networking is incredibly valuable, not only for REALTORS®, but for clients.


[33:30] Professionalism is also about our behavior, tone, and body language.


[38:40] When it comes to problem-solving, doing anything proactively to prevent a problem is the most effective problem solving.


[42:05] As an agent, you lead where you stand. You are leading when you show up to show a house or show up to a meeting at your brokerage. You may not call it leadership, but that’s what leadership looks like.


[45:45] Pay attention to who the helpers are, and lean into them for advice.


[48:00] Shannon’s final word for listeners.




“It was a turning point in my leadership path because it was like a weight off my shoulders. I can just do this job right in front of me and do it 100%, and I’m making a big difference.” — Shannon


“It taught me how to be a better human being really, even outside of real estate.” — Shannon


“Good leadership should be enjoyable. The best leaders do have fun and have a relaxed nature. They’re fun and they’re comfortable.” — Monica


“Meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. That’s the biggest piece.” — Shannon


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Our guest today, Shannon Buss, has been leading in the association at all levels and in her community for years. She is the 2020 & 2019 Vice Chair for the Leadership Academy Advisory Group. She has been on many national committees even before she became a NAR Leadership Academy Graduate in 2014. She is very active with the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, serving in leadership roles at the state and national levels. She was the 2020 President, Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® and among her many awards, she was inducted into the REBAC Hall of Fame in 2012. She sells real estate in Rhode Island and is an instructor for many NAR courses.