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Nov 22, 2021


 What does a good real estate team look like? The answer can be very varied and diverse, and it’s also very individual to your specific needs. However, our guest has identified some key principles on when it makes sense to move forward with a team based on your unique situation. Brandon Martens is the Team Lead for The InRealty Group of Hegg REALTORS®. He is passionate about leading his team with kindness and drive and often speaks on these topics. This episode focuses on what real estate agents should look for when joining a team, some of the benefits of joining a team, and tips for starting your own team!


[3:35] Brandon has put his team within another brokerage firm. He shares some of the benefits of doing it this way.

[6:20] When does it make sense to join a team vs. being on your own?

[8:00] What should agents be looking for before they join a team?

[10:00] Does it make sense for more experienced real estate agents to join a team or is this a better move for a newbie?

[14:45] Brandon shares some of his responsibilities as a team lead and how he helps support his staff.

[21:20] How does financial compensation work when you’re a part of a team?

[22:15] No matter what deal you get yourself involved in, it has to be a win-win for everybody.

[25:45] Brandon breaks down his team and how each member plays a critical role within the company.

[29:15] If you want a good team, you have to think about everyone involved and actively create win-win situations for everyone.

[32:45] Brandon talks about the importance of having team events for your company.

[37:25] Monica shares why she loves Brandon, how he educates others, and his work ethic.

[41:35] Brandon shares some of his tips on how to start a successful team.

[44:45] Don’t bring someone on if they don’t have good morals or ethics. You have to hire based on character.

[47:25] Brandon shares his final takeaway.




“Don’t base joining a team based on leads. Leads are what they are. You’re still going to be spinning your wheels qualifying leads.” — Brandon


“It’s really hard to have a good relationship and shake someone’s hand with a fist. If your hand is wrapped around the money as a team leader or an agent, you’re never going to be a good fit.” — Brandon


“In regards to bringing people on your team, you cannot hire anything except for character. You have to hire based on character. You can train any skill you need to.” — Brandon


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Brandon Martens: When he isn’t speaking, Brandon is the team lead of InRealty Group of Hegg REALTORS® and one of the top-selling REALTORS® in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota real estate market. He is the President Elect for the South Dakota REALTORS®. His passion for “Leaving Real Estate Better Than He Found It” shows up in his daily routine and through his leadership. It extends beyond his own team though in his national and local focus on the true rights of homeownership through advocacy. He continues to enjoy working daily with clients and in his community.