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Feb 10, 2022

We all know that social media can be a time-wasting black hole. We also know it can be an amazing tool to connect with loved ones, friends, and potential clients. How do you balance both without feeling overwhelmed? Today’s guest, Harrison Beacher knows how to get the most out of your social media presence, without the overwhelm! In this episode, he offers strategies to create a comprehensive social media plan so that you can build connections with intention.


[1:30] A little bit about Harrison and his background in real estate.

[5:00] What social media platform should you choose?

[8:20] Harrison shares some of his favorite ways to optimize social media.

[8:40] What was the last thing that made you stop scrolling? What kind of content do you like to consume?

[10:30] Consider taking a quick 101 photography class to better understand what makes a good picture.

[11:20] Should you have people in your photos or should it be a selfie?

[14:40] How do we increase the engagement we currently have on Instagram? Hashtags!

[19:10] Remember, we need to have an abundance mindset. Engage with other people using your hashtag.

[24:50] It’s okay to make mistakes or have typos. Harrison sometimes goes back to reword things in a better way. It’s just important to be intentional with the content you’re sharing.

[30:50] Public posts, whether business or otherwise, should be welcoming and open to everyone.

[35:35] Are you struggling to create a social media plan? Harrison has some tips for you!

[41:35] What topics can you/should you talk about as a REALTOR®?

[45:15] With your photos, use it as an opportunity to tell a story. People do read the descriptions!

[48:05] When you become a local expert, there’s so much opportunity available to you.

[48:40] Instead of thinking about social media as a sales tool, think of it as a community-building tool.

[50:15] Harrison talks about the importance of a good mindset and why it’s key to your success.

[54:25] Create good routines and systems, and those will carry you forward during the days you feel slow or down.




“It’s okay to rip off and duplicate some of the best practices other people have. Take the idea or concept and create something similar.” — Harrison


“The mindset we need to have to help consumers and grow our businesses is an abundance mindset. When we connect, we build community.” — Harrison


“Social media is free to tag that location, be intentional about the story you tell, and attract more people to that story. It lets the people who live there be reminded of you.” — Harrison


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A native Washingtonian and washed up D1 college football player, Harrison Beacher is a Managing Partner of the Coalition Properties group, serving the entire DC metro area Affiliated with KW Capital Properties. Harrison was honored by the National Association of REALTORS® and included in REALTOR® Magazine’s 30 under 30 Class of 2016. Harrison currently serves as 2022 president for the Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS® (GCAAR), and also serves as an at-large director for the DC Association of REALTORS® (DCAR). Harrison serves as a 2022 Chair for the Broker engagement council and serves as a National NAR Director. A retired DJ, Harrison loves making playlists for his team events, sharing funny memes & Tik-toks, and traveling to places with delicious food, drinks, great music, nightlife, warm weather & culture. Harrison is a national speaker and coach on the topics of social media optimization, mindset, Diversity, and inclusion