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Apr 20, 2020

In our changing times, REALTORS® have had to learn to adapt in a way that allows them to serve their clients, while also complying with new laws and policies surrounding COVID-19. Virtually viewing and virtually showing properties is becoming more popular and attainable. In today’s episode, Craig Wilburn shares some of the developments his team has made in creating a process to continue facilitating the viewing of properties during this time. Craig and Monica also talk about some different platforms you can use to create these virtual showings, and what you can do for buyer’s agents to help them out.


Even before it was a necessity, Craig has been taking advantage of technology to do some virtual showings. Social distancing has required him to look into all the different aspects of his business and how they carry these out. Craig talks about his first virtual open house experience, and how they structured it for themselves.


Some of the logistics of their first virtual open house were to run it on their team/business page, but you might want to consider hosting it on whatever page gets the most likes/traffic. Craig also talks about the personnel involved, and how each person played a specific role to help interaction. You can also create a watch party, which can help engagement. Monica also shares some other things she did for her own Facebook live event.


There are ways to get sellers involved! They can help by hosting a virtual tour. Craig and his team came up with their own process to help sellers that has 10 steps, including a CDC-safe walk-through, virtual consults and listing appointments, and emailing documents for electronic signatures. He also talks about the way they handle onboarding, closing, and moving processes remotely.


One of the things Craig created during this time was a forum for buyers, sellers, and contractors to help everyone stay connected during this time. Craig talks about what they do for the seller and seller’s agent, as well as the buyer and the buyers’ agent. They are doing the most they can to help people navigate through this time that we’re in. These protocols are to keep everyone in the industry safe and still able to practice real estate. Monica discusses some additional different ways to connect people remotely when it is essential to buy or sell.


REALTORS® can help buyers’ agents who want to use video for transactions, by creating a visually stimulating product. Craig and Monica talk about three main ways to do this: Matterport, using the live video, and a short video walkthrough with commentary that can be shared with buyers’ agents. Zillow also has a 3D option and video through their Premier Agent app. Zoom has also been a great alternative for getting your clients what they need during this time. Craig and his team have been able to get clients who otherwise wouldn’t be selling, due to their creativity in finding ways to continue their business.


Some of the main platforms you can utilize for speaking and video are FaceTime, What’s App (especially for international clients), Zoom, and Skype. It’s important to use something that’s easy to access and simple to figure out; it should be easily integrated into what you’re already using and doing. Some apps for creating video on your phone are InShot and Quik. 


If you are able to do something during these unprecedented times, do it! Be supportive of other agents in this industry. For people who need to buy or sell right now, your creative approach will be crucial in helping them.




“It’s an opportunity for us to get out there and be visible and be present, and do it in a way that’s respectful of what’s going on. If you can find a way to add value to people who really do have to buy and do have to sell, this is a great way to do that.” — Craig


“For those of us that are still able to practice, for now, we have to be really diligent about how we do that, and make sure that everyone knows we are putting every protocol in place to follow the rules, so we can stay essential in the transaction.” — Craig


“It’s a great alternative right now for getting people what they need. I think the main part is what we are doing is being creative. We’re thinking outside the box, and we’re giving people alternatives. You can do almost anything virtually.” — Craig



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For more than 17 years, Craig Wilburn, the Founder of Team Dynamo, has established the understanding of the real estate market in Gainesville by leading his team to over 1,300 units and over $303 million in the greater Gainesville area. Craig has spoken in dozens of cities about real estate, earning the title of Gainesville’s Number 1 People’s Choice for Real Estate, and gaining the award of top-selling real estate team at Keller Williams Gainesville Realty. More impressive is the fact that Team Dynamo’s top sources of business come from past clients and area referrals, which verifies the endorsement for Team Dynamo.


Craig began Team Dynamo in 2005; it is now 13 strong — including a Director of Sales, Director of Community Engagement, Listing and Buyer Specialists, Inside Sales Agents, and a dedicated administrative support staff. Family man, speaker, REALTOR®, wholehearted husband, and impassioned leader, Craig is a family man and father of five kids which is his highest honor and role. You will often see Craig’s family as an extension of the team in full support of Team Dynamo. Craig’s devotion to the Gainesville area runs deep. He actively serves on various boards for local charities and nonprofits. He’s an esteemed member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and on the President’s Circle of the NAR’s Political Action Committee (RPAC), which lobbies for legislation that betters the industry and protects buyers, sellers, and agents. In addition to these commitments, Craig is a sought-after speaker and real estate educator. With an enthusiasm for paying it forward (along with a trademark smile), he inspires and encourages fellow and aspiring professionals in Real Estate. Craig believes that better REALTORS® make for a better community and he is committed to making that a reality.


Craig attributes Team Dynamo’s continued success and growth to the meaningful relationships the team has built among clients and within the community. Through exclusive, unrivaled customer service combined with a streamlined, systems-based methodology, Team Dynamo will remain the team in Gainesville known to be trustworthy, genuine, creative, compassionate, and driven to provide its clients with nothing but the absolute best.