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May 2, 2022

Real estate is intertwined with the economy in so many ways, and real estate agents can sometimes have a hard time connecting these external factors with the home buying process. Our guest, Josh Cadillac believes in closing customers for life, which means building expertise on a deeper level that goes beyond the specifics and square footage of a home. When you give your clients context within the home buying process, not only does it help their future, but it means you’re on a path to creating a lifelong customer.


[3:00] Josh and his background in real estate.

[5:30] Josh talks about his motto, “Close for Life.”

[6:45] It’s an important part of Josh’s life to do work that you’re proud of, to have a life you’re proud of.

[7:40] Diving./, into the actual raw product real estate agents sell.

[10:20] Sometimes there’s a disconnect between real estate agent and customer. Why is that?

[14:55] Real estate agents need to make the case on why a customer should trust them.

[20:45] Sometimes just talking to your customer about the market and reciting facts can provide a lot of insight and trust with them.

[25:45] Older real estate agents need to understand that the world, and the market, are much different than when they first started selling properties. They need to provide context to the younger homeowner.

[32:50] Homeowners in distress still can grab an amazing price for their property. A real estate agent has to set the frame right so that they get the most out of the property.

[33:25] We are not in a 2008 bubble. There are not a lot of people in negative equity positions.

[34:00] Why do investors love real estate in times of high inflation?

[39:35] Real estate has always been a good hedge against inflation.

[44:00] Josh shares his thoughts on motivation and how you can motivate your customer to be more excited about the home buying process.

[50:35] We need to stop trying to close deals and start trying to close customers for life.




“A path to a fulfilled life is to take every part of your life, and have it /./.be something you do with excellence.” — Josh


“Because of the inflation we’re seeing, real estate tends to be more attractive to investors. The reason for that is real estate tends to appreciate when there’s inflation and rents tend to go up.” — Josh


“A house tends to be the perfect hedge for inflation. If you’re renting, your rent will go up, but your wages usually won’t go up. Wages tend to trail inflation.” — Josh


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Joshua Cadillac



Prior to entering the real estate industry as an agent, Josh was a commercial real estate investor and business owner of restaurants and other related companies. He started in real estate full time in 2008 and within the first two years, earned his broker license and many of the most prestigious real estate-related designations that exist. After a few years, Josh transitioned into a leadership role at the brokerage where he worked, assisting, training, and even mentoring agents to help them achieve success and reach their full potential in real estate. During this time, he learned the mistakes that many agents make that successful agents avoid and developed his philosophy of “not just closing deals but closing customers for life.”


Investors are one of Joshua’s specialties and one of the many clients he enjoys working with. Joshua has a robust knowledge of the financial aspect of real estate and has worked as an investor himself, successfully flipping numerous properties both distressed and non-distressed. Josh took his passion for investing and helping agents close more deals (and customers) they already had and put together the ACE 2-day training course. Recognizing the tremendous lack of financial literacy that exists in popular culture he also wrote an easy-to-understand guide to how money works called The Roadmap to the American Dream.


Since then Josh has written several courses on how to achieve excellence in the various parts of the real estate business. He continues to work with clients in buying and selling their property, honing his skills, and making sure the information he provides is the most accurate and relevant it can be for the agents he teaches.


When he isn’t busy closing deals and teaching, Josh enjoys a number of interests and hobbies including writing, ballroom dancing, reading, playing board games, watching a great movie, and traveling the world