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Feb 20, 2024

We’re back with our second episode of the month to talk about connecting with people so that you will have clients throughout 2024. We call it filling your pipeline. Many of us focus on getting business. If we can spend time connecting with people with purpose, there generally will be a more steady flow of clients throughout the year. Did you apply anything you’ve learned from the first episode already? We would love to hear what worked for you! Our email address is in the show notes.


In this episode, we will look at the difference between online leads and live leads and a few marketing tips. February’s guest is Janet Judd. She’s a 2022 ABR® Hall of Fame recipient, Missouri Real Estate Commissioner, former President of the Missouri Association of REALTORS®, and she has won a number of awards in the business. She is going to give you real actionable tips to help you fill your buyer pipeline for 2024.

[3:08] Excellent content on your site makes the difference. Janet gives some great recommendations. 


[4:37] Janet hangs on to hits because they picked her. Respond promptly when they contact you. Janet suggests you host virtual tours and webinars on your site.

[7:08] Janet pays the website professionals for content, SEO, and marketing of her site. 


[10:25] Janet advertises in a neighborhood magazine to 55,000 homes a month. That’s generated a few calls that she puts in her pipeline to send a monthly postcard. 


[16:47] When her leads start responding more conversationally to her texts or emails, Janet knows it's time to set up a phone call with them to slowly but surely reel them in.


[18:46] Make sure you have testimonials on your website. Ask your clients for a testimonial right at the closing. 


[20:29] Janet is a worker bee. She volunteers and works hard. Active listening is one of Janet’s superpowers. If you can do that, it makes all the difference.


[22:13] Janet carries a wire-bound index card file in her purse to record notes about new contacts. For Janet, Top Producer is her “second brain.” Find your “second brain” that creates a flow.


[31:30] Be a resource. It creates credibility, trust, and an emotional connection. People decide with their emotions. The educational approach is her focus, now.


[33:50] I’m going to encourage our listeners to go back and listen to Part 1 of this conversation if they haven’t already where Janet talks about her system of keeping up with leads and clients.


[34:55] Some states allow incentives or inducements, some do not. Check your state law before offering one.


[36:08] Some agents hold R.S.V.P.-only open houses as a security issue and let only one person come in at a time. Don’t share your personal information online.


[38:08] Janet’s last word: “You need consistent, excellent service to your existing clients. That’s what’s going to keep you in the business. … Whatever you do, autograph it with excellence. 


[39:11] My favorite takeaway from Part 2 was the reminder that everything we do to improve our visibility will cost us time or money. What was your favorite tip from the 2nd episode? If you missed the first episode about great ways to connect with people in real-time, head back and hear Janet’s tips to get started.


[40:25] We’re going to be having several months of episodes focusing on tools to help you communicate more clearly, set excellent expectations, and create great experiences. What classes are you planning to take to improve your business? Go to to find lots of live, virtual, and online classes.

Join us in March for more ways to improve your business model and to think a little bit differently. Thanks for joining us! Make some calls, tighten up your system, go out there, and sell some houses!



“You also want to have a call to action on your website so that they know what to do. For me is just ‘Call JJ.’ Call Janet Judd.” — Janet Judd


“I truly believe the old ways are coming back again. So print media could be coming back. So I started doing that.” — Janet Judd


“It has to be ‘Janet-proof.’ That means I can’t break it, it’s easy to learn, it’s intuitive, I can get to it on my phone, and get that information that I need, right away … before I call them, and get all those notes.” — Janet Judd


“If I can get them on a phone call, I can usually get them.” — Janet Judd


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Host Information:

Monica Neubauer



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Guest Bio

Janet Judd

Former Police Officer. First female hired by a 55-man department in St. Louis County — in the early ’80s. First female elected Class President at the St. Louis Police Academy. That’s why I teach the updated and revamped NAR REALTOR® Safety Course via Zoom and in-person. 2022 Chair of NAR’s Safety Advisory Council. Presented Safety Topic at the August 2021 Leadership Summit. First Hispanic to be elected President of Missouri REALTORS® and St. Louis REALTORS®. Missouri Real Estate Commissioner. 2023 Triple Play Instructor. 6000+ attendees from New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania. NAR Appointee to the elite Professional Standards Advisory Council.


  • RE/MAX Results Broker-Associate

  • 2021 President Missouri REALTORS®

  • 2016 Salesperson of the Year Missouri REALTORS®

  • 2015 President St. Louis Association of REALTORS®

  • Hall of Fame Member Realtors® Political Action Committee

  • RE/MAX International Hall of Fame

  • St. Louis Magazine 15-year Five-Star Award

  • Recipient For Client Customer Service